Using her voice to connect with the depths of an audience’s soul, Ikaya’s lyrics revere an emotional realism that comes from her upbringing in the volatile urban community of Waterhouse, Kingston. Ikaya quickly learned to escape the chaotic political, social, and economic upheaval of her surroundings through music.

From her early age of community and school talent competitions, Ikaya quickly gained attention and it is upon meeting one of Reggae’s biggest stars in Clifton “Capleton” Bailey, that Ikaya recorded her first professional song which after received to great acclaim led to That meeting led to worldwide tour with Capleton as an opening act and a backing vocalist.

Ikaya’s exposure to the world and various genres help to define her vocal styling and sound in the fierce, male dominated music industry of Jamaica. Her first love, reggae, has been fused with Dancehall, R&B and Hip-Hop, to create hardcore, soulful renditions of her life experiences that have helped to project her onto the world scene. Her versatility in switching between singing sweet melodies and spitting hardcore dancehall tinged rhymes made her very endearing to the locals and widely sought after by some of Jamaica’s most notable music producers.